Myesthenia Gravis: Symptom and Causes

Myesthenia Gravis – Symptoms – Weak muscles, Weakness that improves after resting and gets worse after physical activity, Visual disturbances such as double vision, inability to hold a steady gaze and droopy eyelids, Fatigue. Myesthenia Gravis – Causes – Myasthenia gravis is caused by a problem with the transmission of nerve signals to the muscles. It is an autoimmune condition, which means the bodys immune system attacks its own tissues..

Amenorrhea: Treatment, Diet and Home Remedies

Amenorrhea Treatment Using Home Remedies, Yoga, And Diet – Foods to be taken: Consume adequate nutrients each day, including vitamins, minerals and protein, to help prevent amenorrhea. Include more iron-rich foods in your diet such as liver, seafood, spinach, soy beans and kidney beans. This prevents nutritional deficiencies such as anemia that could be causing the absence of menstrual bleeding. Use olive oil to cook to aid weight loss and add natural dietary fiber to improve your digestion and metabolism.