Myesthenia Gravis: Symptom and Causes

Myesthenia Gravis – Symptoms – Weak muscles, Weakness that improves after resting and gets worse after physical activity, Visual disturbances such as double vision, inability to hold a steady gaze and droopy eyelids, Fatigue. Myesthenia Gravis – Causes – Myasthenia gravis is caused by a problem with the transmission of nerve signals to the muscles. It is an autoimmune condition, which means the bodys immune system attacks its own tissues..

Myesthenia Gravis: Treatment, Diet and Home Remedies

Myesthenia Gravis – Treatment Using Home Remedies, Yoga, And Diet – Foods to be taken: Protein rich foods like beans, chickpeas, organic free-range chicken, raw almonds, raw nuts, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almond butter/raw almond butter. Veggies/herbs like kale, spinach, lettuces, cucumber, celery, onions, garlic, cilantro, parsley, ginger, turmeric, tomatoes, squash (butternut, spaghetti, kabocha),  root vegetables (beet root, parsnip, carrot, rutabaga, turnip, sweet potato), Condiments or flavourings like extra virgin olive oil/coconut oil, pepper, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, apple cider vinegar,

Flu: Symptom and Causes

Flu Symptoms – Fever and chills, Cough and/or sore throat, Runny or stuffy nose, Headaches and/or body aches. Flu Causes – The flu is caused by an influenza virus. .

Flu: Treatment, Diet and Home Remedies

Flu Treatment Using Home Remedies, Yoga, And Diet – Foods to be taken: Water is the best fluid to drink when you have a cold or flu as it helps lubricate the mucous membranes of the throat. Other fluids which are good options during cold and flu infection include: juice, ginger ale, herbal tea, honey and lemon tea, broth, ginger tea. Foods which help boost the immune system include yoghurt, fish, flaxseeds, walnuts, olive, canola and walnut oil. Vitamin C rich foods like oranges, grapefruits, peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, pineapples, broccoli, guava also help boost the immune system.

Flu: Prevention and Complications

Flu Prevention – Get vaccinated, Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently with soap, Never pick up used tissues.

Flu: Meaning, Diagnosis and Overview

The flu is an infection of the respiratory tract (nose, throat, and lungs). It spreads easily.

Viral Syndrome: Treatment, Diet and Home Remedies

Viral Syndrome – Treatment Using Home Remedies, Yoga, And Diet – Foods to be taken: Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated during a viral illness. Diet lush in fruits and vegetables can help prevent a variety of infections and diseases, including the common cold. Fruits and vegetables particularly known for immune system benefits include cherries, berries, tomatoes, oranges, grapefruit, citrus juices, bananas, broccoli, kale, spinach, Brussels sprouts and cabbage. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables most often as they tend to provide the most nutrient content. Consume home-made or natural soups incorporated with various vegetables to reduce or prevent viral infections that involve swelling and congestion.

Viral Syndrome: Symptom and Causes

Viral Syndrome – Symptoms – Fever and chills, Runny or stuffy nose, Cough, sore throat, or hoarseness. Viral Syndrome – Causes – There are at least 900 different kind of viruses that can infect human being..