Repetitive Stress Injury: Symptom and Causes


  • Tenderness in the affected muscle or joint
  • Pain in the affected muscle or joint
  • A throbbing (pulsating) sensation in the affected area
  • Pins and needles (tingling) in the affected area, especially the hand or arm
  • Loss of sensation in the hand
  • Loss of strength in the hand


  • The overuse of muscles in our hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, neck and back are linked to RSI symptoms.
  • The area is affected by repeated actions, which are usually performed on a daily basis over a long period.
  • The repetitive actions are done in a cold place.
  • The individual has to use vibrating equipment.
  • Forceful movements are involved.
  • Workstations are poorly organized.
  • Equipment is badly designed.
  • The individual commonly adopts an awkward posture.
  • There are not enough rest breaks.

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