Typhoid: Treatment, Diet and Home Remedies

Food and Nutrition

Foods to be taken
  • Consume lots of juice, soup, watery food and lots of mineral water
  • Consumption of milk or its products
  • Foods with high biological value protein such as eggs, meat paste, fish, poultry
  • Refined foods with high sugar content such as honey, jam, candy/sugar, jelly, grass jelly, seaweed etc.
  • Low-fiber foods, ripe fruit, potatoes, etc. in order to decrease intestinal motility
  • Vegetables with a fine fiber / soluble dietary fiber: spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots etc.
Foods to be avoided
  • Which has a strong flavor such as onion, garlic
  • All spices like chili, chili sauce, hot sauce, vinegar
  • Foods that cause gas like jackfruit, durian, pineapple.
  • Foods with high fiber content. Vegetables high in fiber / non-soluble dietary fiber: vegetables such as kale, papaya, and sweet potatoes, and whole grains (brown rice, mashed rice, corn).
  • Butter,  Ghee, Rich pastries, Fried Snacks, Desserts, Thick cream soups should be strictly avoided

Yoga and Exercise

Practicing following asana can help to cure Typhoid Fever

Home Remedies

  • Drinking hot water mixed with a spoon of Honey is helpful during typhoid.
  • Drink boiled and properly filtered water.
  • Have boiled food only and do not eat outside food
  • Avoid handling food or any other household things if there is a risk of spreading the disease.
  • Keep taking the prescribed antibiotics for as long as the doctor has asked you to take them.
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