Yoga: A Spiritual Way to Improve your Physical Health


World Yoga Day

World International Yoga Day is observed on the 21st of June every year. Yoga connects body, mind and soul through series of postures i.e. asanas, breathing exercises and meditation. It also connects human soul to the supreme soul and such spiritual union empowers us to overcome our basic instincts like lust, anger and live virtuous life with spiritual awareness and compassion. In other words, it is a way of life, involving positive thinking, healthy relationships, silent meditation and spiritual thinking. Lets us make yoga part of the daily routine of life.

Effect of Yoga on your Spiritual and Physical Health

Spiritual health has been defined as a state of being where an individual is able to deal with day-to-day life issues in a manner that leads to the realization of one’s full potential, meaning and purpose of life, and fulfillment from within. It is ignorance when people associate spirituality with gloom and kill-joy approach. It should be viewed as being cheerful. Being authentically and meaningfully involved in day-to-day activities, appreciating mesmerizing poetry, music, and art; natures’ exhilarating charm – these are qualities beyond mundane.

Yogi maintains his mental equilibrium even in adverse situations; he is naturally free from addictions and unhealthy habits. This behavioral aspect of an individual considerably influences one’s diet, interest in sedentary or active life, addiction to tobacco, alcohol and other substances. These are risk factors for lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases etc. Stress in life is nothing but one’s inability to manage thought and emotions that cause stress; and yoga stabilizes these emotions.

Yoga and pranayama also increase lung volume that reduces frequency of asthmatic attacks. Migraine, Sinusitis, backache, cervical spondylitis, joints pain, indigestion, etc can all be controlled through daily practice. Dr. John Ebnezar, Padamshri awardee, known as the god of knee-replacement, endorses yoga and says that surgery is not the ultimate solution for a joint ailment. It also brings stability among children who develop better memory and concentration. Well-known physician Dr. Deepak Chopra conducted various studies and found that yoga reduces depression, anxiety and other diseases.

Simple Additions to Yoga

Along with yoga daily inclusion of brisk walk gets even better results. Intake of Satvik diet composed of “5 colors a day”, adequate protein, good unsaturated fats and fewer carbohydrates and plenty of water with ginger, lemon and tulsi etc will give best results. Therefore start doing Yoga every day without further delay!