Postmenopause Period: Meaning, Diagnosis and Overview

What is Postmenopause Period?

  • Post-menopause is defined as 12 months after the last menstrual cycle or menstrual period (i.e., without a period for more than one year). This stage continues during the rest of a woman life.
  • This is the stage following menopause and generally starts between 24 and 36 months after a women last period, at this stage the woman does not have the capacity to reproduce. Commonly, most women reach Postmenopause during their late 40s to their 60s.
Dysmenorrhea symptoms


  • There are a few tests a woman can take to see if she is, indeed, postmenopausal. The simplest one is to determine whether or not she has menstruated within the past twelve months.
  • Few medical tests done to determine her place along the menopause spectrum
  1. Pregnancy test
  2. Follicle stimulating hormone test
  3. Bone density screening

FAQs prepared by doctor

Q1.  What is Menopause?
Menopause is the stage in the lifecycle of a woman, when the ovaries no longer produce eggs and there is cessation of fertility. It typically occurs in late 40s or early 50s.

Q2.  How do I know I have attained Menopause?
If there is no menstrual cycles for 12 consecutive months (Pregnancy being ruled out), then menopause is presumed to have attained.

Q3.  What are the adverse effects of Menopause on my health?
There are a wide range of Physical and Psychological effects on the body as the woman approaches Menopause.  The symptoms are due to erratic fluctuations in hormones and they vary from individual to individual. The symptoms are most noticed in Perimenopause period. Once Menopause is attained there is increased risk of Heart disease and Osteoporosis due to low estrogen levels.

Q4.  What is the treatment for Menopausal symptoms?
Hormone Replacement Therapy (optional) is instituted to alleviate the symptoms and adverse effects of Menopause. In addition calcium supplements are also given to prevent Osteoporosis. Other medication may be given based on symptoms.

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