Coconut: Health Benefit Tips

baby care,coconut

Coconut oil has antifungal and antimicrobial properties, and hence can be used to treat diaper rash. It can also have a soothing and healing effect on the baby’s soft skin. Gently apply some coconut oil on the diaper area several times a day.

baby care,coconut,cradle cap

Coconut oil works well as a natural treatment for cradle cap. It acts as a natural moisturizer and will loosen the cradle cap flakes while nourishing the scalp. Plus, its antifungal and antibacterial properties with help fight infections.

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Vegetable oils like olive oil, coconut oil sesame oil are ideal for treating the problem of cracked heels. For effective results apply the oil at night before going to bed so that the oil stays in the skin for a longer period of time.

First wash your feet in cold water and wipe it dry. Then apply vegetable oil all over the heels and wear a socks and sleep so that the oil is in constant contact with the skin. Next day morning wash the feet with cold water.


Everybody knows the importance of insulin level to deal with diabetes. If taken internally, virgin coconut oil improves the secretion of insulin that helps in utilizing glucose in the body.