Myofacial Pain Syndrome: Treatment, Diet and Home Remedies

Food and Nutrition

Foods to be taken
  • Flaxseed oil and primrose oil contain essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids act as natural anti-inflammatories.
  • Grains
  • Fruits and vegetables
Foods to be avoided
  • Tea and coffee (caffeinated products) – Caffeine may intensify pain.
  • High-calorie foods
  • Fried foods or those with high saturated fats
  • Non-vegetarian food because arachidonic acid in meat stimulate pain and inflammation. 

Yoga and Exercise

  • Stretching the affected muscles regularly is the first step.
  • Gentle exercise can help you cope better with pain. When your pain allows, get moving. Specific to the part of body affected.

Music and Meditation

If you are stressed and tense, you may experience more pain. Meditation may be helpful to relieve stress.

Home Remedies

  • Physiotherapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Get enough sleep so that you wake rested
  • Note the triggers for cause (poor posture, workplace ergonomics)

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