Melanoma: Symptom and Causes


The first sign of a melanoma is often the appearance of a new mole or a change in the appearance of an existing mole.
Some of the changes might be:
  • The spot may grow larger
  • The edges of the spot may look irregular, rather than smooth
  • The spot may be mixture of different shades of colours such as brown, black, blue, red, white or light grey
  • The spot may be itchy or bleed
  • The spot looks red or inflamed around the edges
Remember when checking a mole, look for the ABCDE:
  • A = asymmetrical shape ( one half unlike the other)
  • B = irregular border
  • C = is for changes in colour
  • D = is for diameter (size)
  • E = is for evolving (a change over time)


The exact cause of melanoma is unknown. But there are things called risk factors that can increase your chance of getting the disease. Exposure of skin to ultraviolet light (UV) is the main risk factor.
  • Age
  • More no of moles on the skin
  • Genetic skin disorders    
  • Exposure to chemicals/radiation
  • Family history of melanoma or skin Cancer

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