Melanoma: Prevention and Complications

Prevention Tips

  • Most skin cancers can be prevented by avoiding the sun when it is at its strongest and by paying attention to any early skin changes. Also, examine your skin regularly.
  • Avoid the sun between 11am and 3pm. During this time the sun?s rays are strongest.
  • Wear protective clothing. Cover your arms and legs. Also, wear a broad-brimmed hat and wraparound sunglasses
  • Apply sunscreen 30 mins before going out into the sun. Apply thickly and evenly every 2 hours no matter how high its protection. Use more often if swimming or perspiring
  • The sunscreen should have a SPF (sun protection factor) of 15 or higher.
  • Avoid tanning beds or sunbeds

Watch Out

  • Firm red lump that may bleed or develops a crust
  • Pain, swelling or chronic itching of the spots

When to See Doctor

  • A new spot or an existing mole or freckle changes in appearance
  • Itchiness, tenderness, or pain
  • Scaliness, oozing, bleeding, or the appearance of a bump or nodule
  • Surrounding skin, such as redness, swelling, or small new patches of color around a larger lesion

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