Thank you for sharing my Responsibility – Patient’s Mother

Sometimes you are so lost in your work that you do not notice the beautiful things that happen. Thats what happened with me. As always I was completely lost in day to day work. Sometimes patients patted on our back, so felt happy. Sometimes got feedback to improve, so felt we need to do a lot more. But after a month of trial we collated all feedback and did some analysis. It is quite satisfying to see the impact HealthPIE has made on people’s lives. We felt so happy when patients said that they were never so satisfied in terms of information as they are today and we should be in all hospitals. Lets see some of them here as it comes directly from patient’s mouth. Most of them are from feedback register. It may sound censored, but there was not a single negative feedback. I would say people were being nice to us -:).

“Thank you for sharing my Responsibility” – Patient mother said when she was revisiting us.

“This is the first time I am undergoing this kind of service and its really very useful as you can get answers for lot of questions. Recommend this could be followed in many more hospitals.”

“I misunderstood my prescription. Your digital prescription avoided a mistake in my understanding of treatment.”

“Good start…. Keep moving.”

“A new idea – hope to have good data about myself.”

“Useful initiative.”

“Good concept. Implementation is also good.”

“The timely advise give to me by doc is so valid and I will follow in future.”

“Good service. Link up with tests.”

“Its nyc. Atleast rules out some possibilites from the mind.”

“This is very good concept. It will be useful to lot of people to manage there health in better way.”

“Good initiative.”

“Medical reminders are some what good for the patients who forget and pleaseing informaation is being provided good.”

“Good information.”

“Good informatiion and initiative.”

“Would like it as part of service you provide.”

“Good information and good initiative. Keep it up.”

“Good. Keep maintain same for long time.”

“This information should be provided in other hospitals as well. Its very much useful.”

“I had a very nice experience undergoing complete medical checkup here. All were very cooperative and helpful.”

“If I am permitted to say and possible, computerized statement of records and history would be very useful.”

“HealthPIE information is quite useful. With this we may avoid many illness and also take care of ourselves.”

“Need more information.”

“It is nice to have an informal talk with a senior doctor. It helps to look up the moral of a patient or family member of the patient.”

“It was a very useful session. Thanks.”

“Promising Service.”

We will share more on analytic and results later.