Do Patients Like HealthPIE @ mTatva?

Let me admit this: Most of us patients forget taking medications one time or the other. Problem is even more severe towards last couple of days of medication or for long term medications when patient is not bed-ridden. In such cases medication reminders has come really beneficial for patients big time. A sense of adhering to his/her treatment gives high confidence in patients leading to faster recovery. And of-course taking medication on time helps.

HealthPIE – Patient Information and Empowerment

HealthPIE stands for Patient Information and Empowerment. As the name suggests, it is all about patients. In its first serving it has five different flavors. Personalized Information: Mostly elderly patients and women patients have many questions related to their and family health. Unfortunately it current healthcare delivery those answers are mostly not answered. Reasons could be multiple related to either         Read More …