Common Skin Problems In Menopause

Menopause occurs in many women around the age of 50 years. During menopause the ovaries become atrophic and the level of estrogens derived from the ovaries decreases.

The decrease of estrogen results in atrophy of external genitalia, loss of vulval subcutaneous fat, thinning of vagina wall & change in the pH of the vagina which leads to frequent infections. The local use of acidic cleansers is effective in controlling infections.

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Dry Skin is also considered an important skin problem in menopause. Dryness occurs due to a decrease in the hyaluronic acid content of the dermis. This decreases the water binding capacity of the skin. This, along with the decrease in the circulating estrogen-level results in dry skin problems like wrinkles, localized or generalized itching, eczema, etc. The Use of emollients & moisturizers is effective in controlling the dryness. The use of soaps should, however, be avoided.

Menopausal Flushing is also very troublesome for women around this time. It involves a quick feeling of heat and sometimes a flushed face and sweating. These hot flashes can occur at any time of the day. Sometimes it makes it difficult to go to sleep. Hormone Replacement Therapy may be given in severe cases.

Hirsuitism, or increase in facial hair, is another common problem encountered in menopause. This can be effectively treated by Lasers.