Rhinitis: Meaning, Diagnosis and Overview

What is Rhinitis?

  • Rhinitis is inflammation of the inner lining of the nose and affects both nostrils at the same time. It is a very common condition and has many different causes. 
  • There are two types of rhinitis. Allergic and Non-allergic.
Rhinitis overview

Recovery Time

The symptoms get relieved within 2-4 weeks in mild cases by a proper home treatment and avoiding triggers. In the case of non-allergic rhinitis most of patients have symptoms lifelong.


  • Diagnosing rhinitis depends on the nature of your symptoms.
  • There are three main tests used to check for allergies, they are the
  1. Skin prick test
  2. Blood test
  3. Patch test
  • A computerised tomography (CT) scan may be used by specialists if complications of rhinitis, such as nasal polyps(mucosal growth) or sinusitis, are suspected.

FAQs prepared by doctor

Q1.  What is Allergic Rhinitis?
Allergic rhinitis is the inflammation of nasal mucosa causing watery discharge from the nose. There may also be irritation of the eyes and throat causing watery eyes and cough.

Q2.  How do I get Allergic Rhinitis?
You get Allergic rhinitis if you are exposed to the allergens like dust , pollen or viruses  or smoke or any irritants. Bacterial infection also causes rhinitis initially, later turns into infection.

Q3.  What is the treatment for Allergic rhinitis?
Allergic rhinitis is managed conservatively with oral and nasal decongestant and Antihistamine medication. 

Q4.  How long does it take to cure?
Allergic rhinitis is self-limiting and resolves when the person moves away from the causative factor.  Medications hasten recovery.

Q5.  How do I prevent Rhinitis?
You can prevent Allergic rhinitis by taking preventive measures like wearing appropriate masks.

Q6.  What are the complications of Rhinitis? 
There are no serious complications of Rhinitis.

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