HealthPIE – Patient Information and Empowerment

HealthPIE stands for Patient Information and Empowerment. As the name suggests, it is all about patients. In its first serving it has five different flavors.
  • Personalized Information: Mostly elderly patients and women patients have many questions related to their and family health. Unfortunately it current healthcare delivery those answers are mostly not answered. Reasons could be multiple related to either patients inhibition to ask questions to doctor due to various reasons or scarcity of time from doctors. Our team has studied and done some research on queries which are most common among patients. Based on that study the information about diseases is presented in structured and illustrative manner. Information is presented in totality and integrated manner.
  • Digital Prescription and Adaptive Medication Reminders on Mobile Phone: Patients receive the digital prescription on SMS on their phones. This comes very handy for patients as they no longer have to refer their prescription now and then. This is also helpful as you can use this as easy reference later while consulting a doctor or at pharmacy in future. Apart from this patient also receive SMS reminders for medications. These reminders learn over time and are adaptive to decide when would a particular patient may need reminders.
  • Online Health Records: All your prescriptions, lab/scan, medical bills and custom health images at one places. These are organized in hierarchy which is easy accessible.
  • Personalized Health Statistics: Over a period of time we give patients health statistics. These statistics will help patient correlate their health with other factors like weather, travel, food etc.. The data will be presented to patient with some insights on what can be done to stay healthier.
  • Doctor on Call: This is extension to the first point which is information. During the course of treatment if patients feels need to talk to a doctor then we provide a doctor to resolve his queries. Patients have queries related to changing symptoms or anxiety over some conditions for which they are not sure if they should visit there doctor or not. With this, patients can now call doctors and learn more.

Patients can login to and get all the above benefits. We also have mobile apps through which patients can easily access above features. With mobile patients can now click pictures of there medical records and upload them easily.