Predict Leakages of Expecting Mothers Pro-actively Using AI

Engaging and Retaining Expecting Mothers

Maternity hospitals succeed on how best they can engage expecting families for providing quality care services. Hospitals need to act pro-actively to their needs. And losing them mid-way will be a big loss for the hospital. Not just loss of customer, but it also leaves underlying issues unresolved. Hospitals mostly rely on feedback from their customers to help understand their issues, which may not be a very effective method.

Solution: Predict Leakage Pro-actively using AI.

We use AI technology to pro-actively predict expecting mothers which are no longer with you as early as they decide to go somewhere else. This way hospital CRM teams can know upfront and take care of the issues and engage with expecting mothers effectively to retain them.

How It Works?

The technology reads specific doctor’s past data of mothers’ visit and learns their exact treatment protocol. Treatment protocol is learned differently for different risk profiles of mothers. Then it compares the treatment compliance protocol of every mother with doctors plan. It compare them intelligently to come up with mothers who are no longer with the hospital. This data is presented in concise form as well as on CRM dashboard. Through this hospital CRM staff can know these leaked out mothers with all details and reason for leakage. Hospital staff can then interact with expecting mothers to resolve issues and retain them.

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