Quit Smoking Today!

effects of tobacco Last week I discussed about alcohol. Remember the 3-R’s of habit? – Reminder, Routine and Reward. In fact there are five stages to change behavior and one stage leads to another. These are pre-contemplation, contemplation, determination, action and maintenance. Avoid relapse as it is difficult to manage. Today I will speak about smoking.

Ill effects of Smoking

May 31 is observed as No Smoking Day by Govt of India. “Cigarette and other tobacco products Act-2003” prohibits smoking in public places, prohibits selling of tobacco products to minors below 18 years and also prohibits advertisement of these products. One out of every two smokers who starts at a young age and continues smoking throughout his life will ultimately be killed by one of the 25 tobacco-related diseases.

1 cigarette shortens your life by 12 min. 5 cigarettes reduce your life by one hour. If you smoke for 24 years, you will celebrate 1 less birthday.

A cigarette emits 4000 chemicals, some of which are known to cause cancer. Generally speaking, those who smoke are nervous, under pressure, depressed and use smoking as a means to escape any kind of unpleasantness. Passive smokers too breathe a significant amount of nicotine and chemical everyday! Sample these:
  • In a crowded smoking bar – 4 cigarettes in 2 hours
  • In a restaurant where smoking is allowed – 1½ cigarette in 2 hours
  • An office where smoking is allowed – 5 to 6 cigarette in 8 hours
  • Sitting behind a smoker for 3 hours – 1 cigarette
  • If some one smokes in the family 24 hours – 3 to 4 cigarettes.

Ways to Quit Smoking

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