Piriformis Syndrome: Symptom and Causes


These are the most common symptoms of piriformis syndrome:
  • Buttock pain or numbness that goes down the thigh and calf along the sciatic nerve
  • Pain that becomes worse if sitting for a long time (15-20 minutes) or if performing movements that increase the tension of the piriformis muscle like running or cycling
  • External tenderness of the piriformis muscle over the posterior hip


Piriformis syndrome typically occurs due to tightness of the piriformis muscle. This may occur following piriformis injury, overuse of the piriformis, injury to the lumbar spine or due to repetitive strain or trauma. 
Piriformis syndrome is more common in sports or activities requiring repeated use of the piriformis muscle. These activities may include: running (especially changing direction), sprinting, jumping, squatting or lunging.

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