Pediatric Allergic Rhinitis: Prevention and Complications

Prevention Tips

  • Identification and elimination of dust, mite, allergens
  • Avoidance of pollens
  • Use a dehumidifier indoors to reduce humidity
  • Make sure kitchens and bathrooms have good ventilation
  • Vent laundry dryers to the outside
  • Fix water leaks and clean up water damage immediately
  • Cover bedding with impenetrable lining

Watch Out

  • Skin rashes
  • Severe itching of eyes and nose
  • Ear pain

When to See Doctor

When to consult a doctor
Consult your doctor if following conditions are seen:
  • Cough during night times
  • Cough is associated with mucus in the chest or vomiting mucus
  • Conditions persist longer than a week
  • Severe allergic symptoms
  • Associated fever

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