LRTI: Treatment, Diet and Home Remedies

Food and Nutrition

Foods to be taken
Foods rich in vitamin C and E and minerals like zinc and selenium are good for respiratory infections
  • The vegetables that have the highest value of vitamin C are peppers, cauliflower, tomatoes, cabbage, peas, broccoli, potato skin, and spinach.
  • Fruits high in vitamin C: limes, grapefruits, strawberries, melons, kiwi, oranges, guava, papaya, mango and tangerines.
  • Foods rich in vitamin E include sunflower seeds, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds. Fish have the highest amount of vitamin E, especially sardines, tuna and salmon.
  • Nuts, fish, wheat, rice, oats, peanuts etc. have high amounts of zinc and selenium.
Foods to be avoided
  • Refined and processed foods
  • Dairy and high fat products
  • Sugar and high sugar products
  • Alcohol and tobacco products

Yoga and Exercise

Do deep breathing exercises. Yoga and Pranayama will improve the overall functioning of the respiratory tract and alleviates the symptoms of breathlessness.

Home Remedies

  • Stop smoking
  • Stress management
  • Daily relaxation
  • Healthy exercise programme
  • Healthy eating plan
  • Wash hands appropriately

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