Functions of Liver: Detoxify the Body with 500 Different Functions

functions of liver No Liver – No Life Weighing in at just over one kilogram, the liver is a complex chemical factory that works 24 hours a day. It processes virtually everything you eat, drink, breathe in or rub on your skin and that’s just some of its over 500 different functions of liver which is vital to life. Some of the important         Read More …

Hepatitis A Vaccine

What is Hepatitis A Vaccine? Hepatitis A vaccine is a vaccine that prevents hepatitis A virus infection. Hepatitis A is an infectious disease that affects the liver, caused by the hepatitis A virus. Symptoms of hepatitis A begin 3 to 6 weeks after coming into contact with the virus. These consist of nausea (feeling sick), fever and aches and pains.         Read More …

Hepatitis A: Treatment, Diet and Home Remedies

Hepatitis A – Treatment Using Home Remedies, Yoga, And Diet – Foods to be taken: Fibre rich foods like whole grains, mustard greens, cinnamon etc. should be taken which are good for liver. Sweet potatoes, carrots, apricots, pumpkins and mangoes, assist in liver detoxification. Selenium, found in rice and wheat, and vitamin E, abundant in almonds, oils and broccoli, protect the liver from damaging toxins.

Hepatitis A: Meaning, Diagnosis and Overview

Hepatitis A is a liver disease caused by the hepatitis A virus. The virus is primarily spread when an uninfected person ingests food or water that is contaminated with the faeces of an infected person. The disease is closely associated with a lack of safe water, inadequate sanitation and poor personal hygiene.