Finished Cod Lever Oil Bottle after 3 Failed Attempts

I grew up being a proud vegetarian. Whenever it came to nutrition I had this common myth to eat lot of fruits and vegetables along with your diet would be all I need. In early 30’s I started getting serious about nutrition. It took me good number of doctor visits to realize that the issues I had were due to Vitamin B12 deficiencies. Then I read and found that there are some nutrients which you can only get from animal products like milk and I hated milk!

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Part of this realization was that I should have cod-liver oil regularly as it helps get you some vital nutrients. I decided some decade back that I will start having it. But every time I use to buy with enthusiasm and it would work for a week before I start missing it and then completely forgotten. I tried to keep it at a common place so that I see it every time. But eventually I use to forget for weeks and then finally for months. Then I would simply throw it after a year thinking it would have expired.

I had tried this 3 times but failed. But this time I simply put a reminder on my Health-PIE App and it worked! I stilled missed dosages 2-3 times a month or while traveling, but I completed it. I had set-up a convenient time when I could take them daily. If I was busy with something, reminder notification would stay on my phone or I would snooze it for sometime. If I missed taking some day if I was traveling I would mark it as missed and I could track when in the month I did not take my supplement.

Now I have set-up my favorite health reminder on Health-PIE App to take cod-liver oil supplement in evening and warm water with honey and lemon early morning. Now these reminders have become part of my life and just the chirping bird notification sound makes me realize that its time to take my course!

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You could try it out and I challenge that it would work for you. Stay healthy!