Love Including Regulated Sex Life and Health Benefits

For Married Couple who have loving care to each other and maintain warm constant intimacy.

My dear reader as you know to lead the healthy life style one do regular exercise yoga meditation, nutritious food, and avoidance of alcohol and smoking but sexual life is equally important.

Love life
Despite the “Kama Sutra “Indian Society is extremely conservative about sex and is ambivalent about sex education in high schools. Sex education is neglected in twenty first century India. Viewing sexuality in a moral failing, an individual choice, a private matter, a religious issue or a social concern is not an opinion for a modern, civilized, democratic and secular country. Public health developmental and human right perspectives are required for enlightenment.

Frequent sexual activities help in lowering cholesterol to improve intelligence. “Sex Therapy” it is just like any other cardio work out. It improves blood circulation, yours heart rate, boost our metabolism and burns 350 Cal in an hour. According to Professor Warner people who have regular sex, their body manufactures a powerful hormone cocktail that has an immensely positive impact. Sex promotes our ability to concentrate and stimulates creativity and ideas, improves immunity IgA, and sleep & boosts self esteem. Couples should maintain a supporting and caring partnership throughout their life.

According to Neuro Psychologists at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland, the pleasure derived from sex is a decisive factor in preserving youth. It makes us happy and produces chemicals like endorphins. It also helps in relieving migraine. A recent studies conducted by Elizabeth Babin, Cleveland State University in Ohio US reveals that couples who communicate about sex while in bed are more likely to experience more sexual satisfaction and intimacy. Attitude toward sexuality in old age have become gradually more positive over last half century.