India Vaccination Schedule – Quick Guide

Schedule as per IAP

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Completed Age Vaccines
Birth BCG, Hepatitis-B1, OPV
6weeks Hepatitis-B2, IPV1, DTwP1, Hib1, PCV1, Rotavirus1
10weeks IPV2, DTwP2, Hib2, PCV2, Rotavirus2
14weeks IPV3, DTwP3, Hib3, PCV3, Rotavirus3
6months Hepatitis-B, OPV
9months OPV, MMR1
9-12months TCV (Typhoid)
12months Hepatitis-A1
15months PCV Booster, MMR2, Varicella1
16-18months IPV Booster, DTwP B1/DTaP B1, Hib Booster
18months Hepatitis-A2
2years Typhoid Booster
4-6years OPV, DTwP B2/DTaP B2, Varicella2, Typhoid Booster
10-12years Tdap/Td, HPV (for pre-teen boys & girls)
Suffix 1,2,3 etc. mean the 1st, 2nd, 3rd dose, respectively. Suffix B1,B2 refer to 1st and 2nd booster doses.

Optional Vaccines

Following vaccines may be given under special circumstances. You should check with your Doctor about these.