Strabismus: Prevention and Complications

Prevention Tips

Strabismus cannot be prevented. However, complications of strabismus can be prevented iby detecting the problem early and treated properly.

Watch Out

If the eyes are not looking in the same direction, then different signals are being sent to the brain from each eye and this can cause double vision. This makes a person adopt an abnormal head posture (e.g. turning the face or tilting the head) to avoid the double vision and maintain single vision. A longstanding abnormal head posture can put stress on the neck muscles.

When to See Doctor

Consult a doctor if
  • Eye appears to be cross-eyed
  • Complains of double vision
  • Has difficulty seeing
  • Uncoordinated eye movements
  • A child who has constant strabismus at any age or intermittent strabismus that lasts beyond 3 months of age should be evaluated by a pediatric ophthalmologist.

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