Pediatric Pneumonia: Prevention and Complications

Prevention Tips

  • Proper intake of antibiotics when prescribed
  • Do not let anyone smoke around your child. Smoking can worsen the coughing or breathing
  • Prevention from cold
  • Wash your hands and your childs hands often with soap to prevent the spread of germs
  • Avoid sharing food, drinks, or utensils with others
  • Child vaccination against viruses or bacteria that cause infections of pneumonia

Watch Out

  • Lips or nails turn bluish.
  • Skin between the ribs and around the neck pulls in with each breath.
  • Excessive dehydration.

When to See Doctor

Seek care immediately if following conditions are seen:
  • Excessive or high fever.
  • Nonstop coughing.
  • Diarrhoea and vomiting.
  • Difficult breathing and sneezing.
  • Dry mouth or cracked lip.
  • Less urination or no urination.
  • Trouble sleeping.
  • Fatigue and loss appetite.

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