Mysterious Breast Disease Outbreak

In the month of breast cancer awareness month i.e., in October last year, few cases of breast infection were reported which were very peculiar to understand by doctors in Pune. Lumps, infections, and discharges from breast are common in many women with tuberculosis, diabetes and lactating women. The news here is it is many women are suffering from this illness with no other history of any disease at all. The troublesome part is that no cause has been detected so far. There are several theories, but nothing has been fixed yet. This means there is no standard protocol for treating such cases and the infection takes a long time to heal, sometimes several months. The enigma is more concerned because these kind of illness are common in women of age 40s but now it is seen in 20s and 30s.

Breast Disease
Nowadays, almost 5-6 cases per month are being reported which used to be 1 or 2 in the past about 5 years back. Doctors have confirmed that it is not cancer. Senior officials said that it is an immunological phenomenon, but nobody knows the reason behind the sudden spurt in breast infection. They added, “The cases were reported in the past, too, but not with such severity and large numbers. Every month, we see around six new cases and 15 to 30 coming back from before. It resembles breast TB but it isn’t that and we cannot come up with a concrete reason. Many a time, due to a misdiagnosis, patients go straight for surgery. But, if this is picked up on early, this isn’t required.”

People who are hygiene conscious and no disease history are also under the threat of this illness. So as for the doctor’s suggestions women with symptoms like lump in breasts, discharges, pus from lumps or any other kind of discomfort related to breast should be very alert and reach your doctor as early as you can.

Times Of India: Mysterious Disease Grips Pune