Pediatric Throat Infection: Treatment, Diet and Home Remedies

Food and Nutrition

Foods to be taken
  • Bananas, chicken soup, lemon juice and honey mixture
  • Scrambled eggs or egg whites
  • Ginger or honey tea
  • Oatmeal, whole wheat pasta
  • Sage
  • Boiled carrots
Foods to be avoided
  • Sour eatables like orange, grapes, lemonade
  • Spicy food items like pickles, salsa sauce
  • Food items which are difficult to swallow like popcorns, dry out cereals
  • Products containing caffeine and soda drinks
  • Chilled food items, frozen foods, vinegar

Home Remedies

  • Avoid food or drink which are too hot as they may irritate your throat
  • Suck lozenges, hard sweets, ice cubes or ice lollies
  • Regularly gargle with a mouthwash of warm, salty water to reduce any swelling or pain
  • Drink enough fluids, especially if you have a high temperature (fever)

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