Pediatric Asthma : Symptom and Causes


The severity of asthma symptoms varies between children, from mild to severe.
  • Breathlessness (especially early in the morning or at night)
  • Wheezing (a whistling sound in the chest when breathing out)
  • Coughing
  • Tight chest
  • Less energy during play
  • Chest pain


There is no single known cause of asthma. However, certain things may increase the likelihood of your child developing asthma
  • Airway and chest infections (cold, flu)
  • A family history of asthma or allergies
  • Smoking in home
  • House dust and dust mites
  • Premature births
  • Low birth weight (less than 2 kg)
  • Weather conditions
  • Food allergens
  • Medicines
  • Pollens 

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