Managing Diabetes For My Mother

I got my job in Delhi and it was exciting to stay in National Capital. My home is 150Km from Delhi which is just 3.5hrs drive. I enjoyed both worlds: staying in Delhi and go to meet parents at home regularly. I could not have asked for more.

Little more than a year earlier my mother started having health problems. She got diabetic. I have heard from many friends about their parents being diabetic, so it did not look so bad. But then I started having tough time managing diabetes. My mother was still adjusting to the medication and condition management. I still remember me calling her everyday to monitor it remotely and it was getting tough. I called her to come to Delhi for couple of months. We met the best doctors and things started getting in shape. On daily basis I was reminding her for medicine and tracking her sugar level. I read a lot about it and told my mother on effectively we can manage it along with medication and lifestyle.

My parents never enjoy staying in Delhi, so they went back. I was worried always whether she is taking medicine on time. Also if her sugar levels are in control. She use to maintain a diary and we use to go over. I use to ask her to send her readings and records over WhatsApp and I use to go and see doctor in Delhi. I think it was going fine, but I always missed taking care of here when she was here in Delhi. It had been going like this for an year.

Then I read about HealthPIE App in newspaper “The free nurse to take care of you”. And it was what I needed. I immediately installed App on my phone and went through it. I immediately added my parents under profile. Added her number and verified it. Then I set up her medication reminders, records and sugar values on the app. Asked my father to download the App. All things I had set up got synced on their phone automatically. They could see the same thing as I was seeing.

Now I asked my mother for following:
  • Whenever she visits a doctor, take a picture of prescription and upload. I get notification immediately and see it.
  • Whenever she takes sugar reading she updates in App and I get notified immediately.
  • I had set up her medicine reminders. The moment she sees a reminder, she has to click whether she took her medicine or missed. If she misses it, I get an alert immediately and I call her immediately. Once she had forgotten to buy medicine, so for now I am setting medicine refill reminders as well on the App along with follow up with doctor.
  • Health tips and information about diabetes is available in Hindi. I ask them to read the information. I just favourite it on my App and they see the same content on top for viewing. I think content available in Hindi is just too good.
I have a complete view of her health scenario on the App. I can sitting in Delhi set up everything for them. And know completely of there health. It is almost like taking care of their health when we stay together. Actually better than that. I see doctor once in a while in Delhi for review of situation.

My mom got diabetic, it was scary. We could not change that, she had to take the medicines for life. But what is in our hand is to manage it effectively and live our life normally. For that matter be it high BP problem, heart problem or any thing like that, the HealthPIE would come as handy free mobile nurse. Thank you HealthPIE for being part of our family healthcare. HealthPIE is a complete health App for family. I would like to see some improvements in the App which they told will be coming in future.

My Story by Mahesh Aggarwal.

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