Tuberculosis: Prevention and Complications

Prevention Tips

 Get vaccinated with Bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccine, this is effective in children but not in adults.
  • Stop smoking as it highly infects lungs by which the disease can become severe
  • Use protective measures like face masks to cover while speaking to an infected person.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol during treatment as alcohol can increase side effects and drug toxicity.
  • A person infected with TB should stay at home and take rest until he gets completely recovered from infection.
  • Tuberculosis germs spread more easily in small closed spaces where air does not move, ventilate the room properly
  • Maintain proper hygienic conditions
  • Follow the medication properly as prescribed by the doctor
  • Eat healthy nutritious food and exercise regularly to stay physically active.
  • Do not spend long periods of time in enclosed rooms with anyone who has active TB until that person has been treated for at least 2 weeks. 
TB Prevention

Watch Out

Breathing difficulty

When to See Doctor

  • Cough with bloody mucus
  • High fever along with chills
  • Blurred vision
Call a doctor if you experience symptoms such as 
  • Severe cough with  bloody mucus
  • Feeling extremely fatigue and weak
  • Fever and chills
  • Shortness in breath
  • Pain in chest while breathing

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