Ambylopia: Meaning, Diagnosis and Overview

What is Ambylopia?

Amblyopia, commonly called lazy eye, is a condition in children when vision does not develop properly in one eye. The decrease in vision results when one or both eyes send a blurry image to the brain. The brain then “learns” to only see blurry with that eye, even when glasses are used. Only children can get amblyopia. If it is not treated, vision loss may range from mild to severe.
Usually, only one eye is affected by amblyopia, but it is possible for both eyes to be "lazy." This condition is called bilateral amblyopia.

Recovery Time

For most children with lazy eye, proper treatment improves vision within weeks to several months and the earlier the treatment is started, the better.


Amblyopia is usually easily diagnosed with a complete examination of the eyes. Special tests are usually not needed.

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