Increase Patient Engagement Using Bots: Revenue up by 5%

Hospital increase patient engagement using Bots

Understanding patient engagement & patient retention

Patient engagement is known in two varieties. One is to keep patient engaged so that they can participate in deciding the treatment plan. Other one is to keep patient fully informed and empowered so that they can take their health in their own hands. The former one is limited and more popular may be because that seems doable by many hospitals to a small set of people who are admitted. The later one is more holistic and comprehensive but even more challenging to achieve. There are various researches around the world proving that engaged patients are healthier and recover faster.

Though patient engagement looks to serve quality of delivery objective, but it is also heavily related patient retention provided you look at empowering the patient through out the patient life cycle.

Limitations of existing patient engagement tools

While meeting many hospital I am told that they are already retaining patient by patient engagement. I also hear that they are doing 99 out of 100 things for patient engagement. But all these 99 things are within a small scope, limiting the impact to 1% on patient retention. Hospital’s patient retention program have to be comprehensive enough to engage patient throughout patient life-cycle.

With increasing competition, it is time that hospital are serious about patient retention because 40% to 65% of their revenue is coming from 3rd or subsequent visit of patient.

A good patient engagement program can increase hospital’s revenue by more than 5%.

Engaging patients throughout patient life-cycle is herculean job!

Usually hospitals have one or two touch points in the patient life cycle for few minutes. The whole idea behind increasing patient engagement is to increase touch points (better call them impact touch-points). Do you know that, as per WHO reports more than 50% of chronic patients do not even take the Doctor’s advised treatment? This is a classic example why non-engaged patient do not adhere to treatment.

Hospitals on their own can not tackle this challenge as it is herculean task for them to engage throughout patient cycle without help of technology.

Let Bots (AI powered software) help hospitals achieve continuous patient engagement

As doctors personalize treatment for each patient, similarly the technology have to treat each patient uniquely understanding his/her preferences. The technology have to understand patient’s lifestyle and convenience to ensure that it continuously adapts to engage the patient at his/her liking and maximizing the treatment outcome. One such technology we will touch upon is Artificial Intelligence powered Bots which works with each patients and adapts itself to achieve best results.

mTatva has created intelligent Bot, called Health-PIE, which reads patient records either paper-based or EMR based. Then based on various extracted parameters, comes up with best way to communicate with patient to the best liking of patient while improving health outcome.

Health-PIE Bot is not merely a software but has learned a lot from extensive data over past 3 years and is continuously learning even now as you read this.

Benefits of Health-PIE Bot

Many hospitals in India have started using our Bot to benefit patients and benefit hospital top-line and bottom-line.
  • Health Outcome: The Bot engage patients to increase awareness and help patient participate actively in their health recovery. The Bot also ensure that right medicine is taken in right quantity at right time. The Bot also engages Doctors. Doctors can better diagnose as Bot gives access to snapshot of patient medical history.
  • Patient Retention: The Bot understand patients and works as per each patient’s needs and requirements. It keeps them engaged throughout the treatment ensuring best care. It also ensures that patients come back to hospitals for advised treatment like follow-up, vaccinations, diagnostic tests and procedures.
  • OP to IP Conversion: With improved patient retention and stickiness, the Bot increases patient retention for those who needs to get admitted. It works effectively to increase OP to IP conversions for hospitals.
  • Word of mouth marketing: Health-PIE Bot is the new buzz and a great new feature for bringing WOW factor among patients. This has become an effective tool for word of mouth marketing which plays a big role for hospitals.
  • Treatment linked patient feedback: The Bot not only helps patient with treatment, but it also takes feedback and alert hospital team in real time to ensure that issues are resolved. Bot can take simple feedback in terms of happy/unhappy or can be as detailed as knowing if treatment is working on patients or not to avoid leakage.
Essentially you might be doing 99 things for patient engagement, but has it given you the desirable benefits? Most likely answer is no. Because you missed doing that 1 right thing which can give 99x results!

Is Bot solution to some key challenges you are facing at hospitals, which you never thought could be possible to solve?

Imagine this Bot touching patients’ lives 10,000 times daily for a hospital having 300 daily footfall! Isn’t that WOW… Not sure about the hospital, but this Bot guarantees a WOW from their patients!

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