Food for Healthy Brain


The brain cannot store water, so it is important we drink often. A shriveled and dried out brain will not function at its maximum capacity like a well hydrated brain.


Standing on one leg for 8 to 10 seconds can improve concentration and balance your mind. Training your body balance, can improve your overall upper and lower body strength.

These exercise will challenge your balance system with activities that require the use of the brain, nervous system, muscles and bones.

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Turmeric may slower down or prevent the progression of Alzheimer disease by removing amyloidal plaque that bulids up in the brain.


Learning keeps your brain sharp and function properly. So keep learning something new every day. It will boost up your brain power.

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Strawberries have 58.8 mg of vitamin C per 100 g (3.5 oz), which is 71 percent of your recommended daily allowance.

When eaten regularly, strawberries help improve skin health, support brain health, promote weight loss, whiten teeth, improve heart health, reduce cholesterol, fight cancer and protect against Alzheimer and Parkinson disease.

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Cauliflower has 48.2 mg of vitamin C per 100 g (3.5 oz), which is 58 percent of your recommended daily allowance.

By eating cauliflower, you can protect against cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, fight cancer, improve brain function, and support detoxification.


Just like physical exercise, the brain needs mental-workout to remain active and in good shape.

Solving puzzles is a great way to exercise the brain.