Wish you a Healthy New Year

Dear Reader

I wish you very happy, prosperous and healthy-life for you and your family. I am sure you have made some New Year resolutions like weight-loss, avoiding alcohol or giving up smoking etc and to be healthier. It is my New Year resolution also to help you keep yours! The big stumbling blocks to your life plan can be lack of self discipline, inconsistency and bad habits. I am sure you will be benefited provided you adopt some of the measures (below and upcoming) religiously and judiciously.

I am a Doctor and ex-AMC, retired as Colonel from Army. Currently I teach MBBS & MD students about nutrition at Medical College. Since I have conducted some studies in field of health & nutrition and I will be referring to some important findings in due course of time.

What is Health, really?

As per WHO, Health is a state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual well being and ability to lead socially and economically productive life. To achieve the same, one has to have healthy life-style. Though it is mainly dependent on psychosocial and environmental factors, genetic influences also affect it to some extent. Change in life is difficult proposition and needs a lot of persuasiveness and persistent approach and one can succeed with gradual behavioral changes. The various essential components of a healthy life style are given as below:-
  • Exercise daily
  • Avoid stress and anxiety
  • Meditation
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • No alcohol; mild, if at all
  • Avoid smoking
  • Love including regulated sex life

Start Easy

I would like to speak today about exercise. Exercise daily for 40-45 minutes once a day or 15-20 minutes twice a day in the form of games, walking, gardening, swimming, jogging, weight-lifting etc. Walking is the best exercise. It is not only curative but also preventive; a friendly sport people can get used to easily. Every individual should spend at least 200 cal/day. Busy person can manage time by covering short distance on foot while going to office, parking car at far distance, using stairs, avoiding remote etc. One can take break for about 10 minutes for walking after every 2-3 hour during continuous working hours. A brisk walk is a better way to burn more calories (300 cal per hour). Walking helps in many ways:-
  • Walking consumes excess fat
  • Walking burns sugar in diabetes
  • Walking improves respiratory system
  • Walking improves digestion
  • Walking relieves aches & pains
  • Walking promotes sleep
  • Walking tones up nervous system
  • Walking controls mild hypertension
  • Walking relieves stress
  • Walking keeps skin healthy
  • Walking keeps body in good shape
  • Walking protects cancer of colon, breast and prostate
  • Walking protects osteoporosis
  • Walking delays the ageing process
  • Walking releases beta endorphins opiate like chemicals leading to feel good.

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