Ear Care Tips

home remedy,how to clean ears,olive oil

The best treatment for earaches is olive oil, which works as a lubricant and helps get rid of ear infections. Put 3 or 4 drops of lukewarm olive oil into the ear canal. The oil will cause the wax to soften, which can then be removed with cotton swabs. Do not put the cotton swabs too far into the ear!

home remedy,how to clean ears

A mixture of half a cup of warm water with one teaspoon of well dissolved salt is a very easy way to keep the ears free from ear wax. Pour a few drops of saline water with a cotton ball dipped in this solution by tilting your head facing top. Stay in the same position so the ear wax gets soaked. Return to the original position of the head so the solution comes out.

how to clean ears,home remedy

Mix equal amount of water and hydrogen peroxide to make a balanced solution. Pour it by using a liquid dropper and remove ear wax with clean cloth. Make sure you have your head tilted sideways while pouring the solution and that you wipe out ear wax without digging in too deep.

how to clean ears,garlic,liver

Raw garlic is full of sulfur, which plays an important role in expelling the toxins out. Stimulating the liver to flush out toxins, garlic cleanses the blood. Furthermore, garlic frees your intestine from harmful micro-organisms. Daily in the early morning, chew 2 garlic cloves thoroughly.