Warts : Treatment, Diet and Home Remedies

Food and Nutrition

Foods to be taken
  • Vegetables like spinach, kale, broccoli are high in vitamins and minerals that boost your immune system to fight viruses. Foods like these that boost the immune system can decrease warts by fighting HPV.
  • Fruits are also effective for boosting the immune system and decreasing warts. Fruits like blueberries, tomatoes, cherries, pumpkin are some of the examples.
  • Foods high in proteins like meat, fish, buts, whole grains are beneficial for warts.
Foods to be avoided
  • Refined and processed foods like white breads and pastas
  • Foods with trans fats like cakes, cookies, crackers, donuts
  • Fast foods like onion rings and French fries
  • Foods high in sugar

Home Remedies

  • Use duct tape- Cut a piece that will just cover the wart. Stick it on and leave it there for six days. When you take the tape off, soak the area in water for a few minutes, then use a disposable emery board or pumice stone to file down the dead, thick skin. Leave the wart uncovered overnight and apply a new patch in the morning. Repeat the procedure until you’re wart-free.
  • Cover it in vitamin C. Crush a vitamin C tablet and add water to make a thick paste. Apply it to the wart and then cover it with a bandage.
  • Be sure to dry off your wart after you wash, to reduce the chance of spreading the virus to someone else. When warts are wet, they seem to be more contagious.
  • Don’t scratch or pick at warts.
  • Apply freshly crushed garlic directly to the wart and cover with a bandage. The caustic effect of the garlic will cause the wart to blister and fall off in as little as one week.
  • Plantar warts are sensitive to heat and may disappear in a few weeks if you soak your feet in hot water (43?C to 45?C) for a about 15 minutes a day.
  • A popular folk remedy is to rub a juicy, freshly cut slice of raw potato over a wart

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