Tinea Pedis: Treatment, Diet and Home Remedies

Food and Nutrition

Foods to be taken
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Fruits that are rich in vitamin C are especially beneficial as they strengthen immune system.
  • Ensure an adequate supply of protein through foods such as chicken, eggs and dairy products. These help in regulating metabolism and also help in healing and tissue repair.
  • Whole Grains, Yoghurt and Garlic
Foods to be avoided
  • Avoid eating too much sugar as this can interfere with healing. High levels of sugar can also encourage the growth of bacteria.
  • Alcohol especially beer
  • Cheese, milk, yogurts
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate

Home Remedies

  • Wash the feet every day and allow them to dry properly before putting on shoes and socks. You should use a separate towel to dry your feet. To avoid passing the infection on you should not share these towels with anyone else
  • Wear socks made of cotton or wool, and change them at least twice a day or when they have become damp
  • Avoid wearing shoes which are made of synthetic materials. Wear sandals or leather shoes instead
  • Powder the feet and the inside of the shoes with an antifungal powder
  • Soak the feet in warm water for about 10min everyday
  • Nails should be clipped short and kept clean. Nails can house and spread the infection

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