Raynauds Phenomenon: Prevention and Complications

Prevention Tips

Prevention is the best treatment.
  • Avoid exposure to cold environments if possible
  • Wear warm clothing over hands, feet, and the entire body
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing in layers
  • Avoid prolonged vibration to fingers
  • Stop smoking
  • Control stress by relaxing techniques
  • Avoiding drinking too many caffeine containing beverages and alcohol
  • If you already have Raynauds phenomenon, take care of your feet and guard them against injury. Avoid walking barefoot and do not wear tight garments or socks which limit blood flow to the hands and feet

Watch Out

  • Fingertip sores
  • The fingers turn red and throb

When to See Doctor

  • Tingling, numbness, or a drop in skin temperature in affected areas
  • A change in skin color, from white to reddish blue
  • Changes in skin texture over time

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