Menorrhagia: Treatment, Diet and Home Remedies

Food and Nutrition

Foods to be taken
  • Iron deficiency can be common in menstruating women and causes symptoms like fatigue and weakness. Increase your intake of iron-containing foods like dried fruit, nuts, beans, spinach, broccoli, whole grains and iron-fortified cereals.
  • Calcium is a mineral associated with building healthy bones and teeth, increase your intake by eating low-fat dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese or green leafy vegetables.
  • Many red blood cells are lost during menorrhagia. Vitamin B6 is required to build up new red blood cells. Vitamin B-6 is found in fortified cereals, bananas, spinach, sunflower seeds, avocados, tomato juice and salmon.
  • Magnesium helps to reduce menstrual bleeding. Foods rich in magnesium like sesame seeds, watermelon seeds, oat, cocoa, pumpkin, squash must be included in the diet to cure heavy menstrual bleeding.
  • Eat a diet high in fibre like whole grains, including whole wheat, brown rice, wheat bran, rolled oats, barley, leafy green vegetables (spinach, kale).
Foods to be avoided
  • Excessive amounts of sugar such as cakes, cookies and pies
  • High-salt content foods french fries, pizza and other fried foods
  • Caffeine-containing beverages like tea and coffee
Home remedies for heavy bleeding
  • Ginger helps a lot to reduce heavy bleeding. An infusion prepared by pounding and boiling ginger in water for a few minutes provides relief and helps stop menstrual flow. Sugar or honey can be added to improve the taste. Take this after every meal.
  • Take 2gm of mustard seed powder with milk twice a day during menstrual cycle to reduce excessive bleeding.
  • Take half tablespoon of ground cinnamon in a cup of boiled water or you can also drink cinnamon tea to control heavy menstrual bleeding.
  • Drink 10-12 glasses of water daily to remove toxins from the body

Yoga and Exercise

Moderate, regular exercise can ease the heavy bleeding and cramps. But don?t overdo it; too much exercise can make your period worse. Stick to swimming, walking, Pilates or yoga. Keep your strength up by getting plenty of rest.

Some of the yoga asanas which help to get rid of the excessive bleeding during monthly cycles include:
* Padmasana
* Paschimottanasana
* Svastikasana
* Gomukhasana
* Savasana (Corpse pose)

Home Remedies

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Exercise regularly
  • Stay hydrated
  • Take a nice hot bath

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