AIDS: Prevention and Complications

Prevention Tips

  • Use a new condom every time you have sex.
  • Tell your sexual partners if you have HIV.
  • Use a clean needle.
  • If you are pregnant, get medical care right away.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking.
  • Do not share personal items, such as razors, toothbrushes, or tweezers.
  • Do not donate blood or organs.
  • Try not to get pregnant. If you are sexually active, get professional advice about contraception.
  • If you have a baby, do not breastfeed. The virus can be transmitted in your milk.
  • Create awareness in public.
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Watch Out

  • Persistent white spots or unusual lesions on your tongue or in your mouth
  • Skin rashes or bumps
  • Abnormal sounds in our lungs

When to See Doctor

Contact your doctor if you notice any flu like or worsening symptoms of HIV infection

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